Mouse Olle

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Torparsonen which was musèiintendent!

Mouse-Olle or Per-Olof Nilsson (1874-1955) was a remarkable man. The time was taken up largely of collecting. On a bike with a big rack until he stepped around Alsensjön in search of packaging, appliances or any of the wonders of nature. As far journeyed Olle to Östersund and Åre. He was never outside the boundaries of Jämtland.

Olle subsisting mostly on fishing and day labor. The fish he took from Alsensjön sold or traded for items in the farms. Another source of income eventually became the revenue he related to the display of his museum.

He lived simply, and his favorite dish was "brö'sull" ie, a mixture of milk, hard flat bread and jam.

Kurorten Ytterån also played a major role in his collecting. It was the one that made ​​it possible to collect items from around the world.


Identification of Mouse Olle, there are two explanations:

- He called himself the curator.

- He was good at stopping the mice.         

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Mus-Olle framför stugan