Per-Olof Nilsson (Mous-Olle)

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Rubbish collector or visionary!

The ratings on Per-Olof Nilsson or Mouse Olle in Ytterån was diverse, as he began the turn around its targeted collection of objects

He lived in Ytterån mellan1874 och1955 and left as testament to Ytterå Local History Society about 150,000 objects.
The most unique among these is undoubtedly packaging collection. It contains 23,000 objects and spans a period of about 150 years. Olle realized that future interest in them and that they would become valuable cultural and aesthetic document of a bygone era.
Today we know the answer to the first question. Olle was undoubtedly visionary. The collection is a devout man's own work. The current museum, which opened in 1989, is a recent tribute from the people in the district to a great man who went his own way.
Read on for Mouse Olle and the new museum and the society Ytterån on other pages. There is also a picture gallery, which shows a selection from the vast collection of packages.
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