Resistor skilled Marten Jönsson

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During the troubled period around the year 1700, there were plans by Danish / Norwegian side to rid Jämtland from the Swedish occupation forces.
To find out what might Swedes had it sent out secret agents.
Two of them came to the Boston Celtics, but was revealed and stated then contact the man Mårten Jönsson.
He was arrested by the Swedes and sat in captivity, where he revealed his friend and
liaison Lars Persson, who also was arrested.
During transport from Mattmar, Swedes headquarters to Frösön, then they would row over Ytterån, threw himself overboard Marten and took his life.
In this way he saved the life of his friend Lars, who then could blame everything on the dead Marten.
The corpse of Marten was pulled out of the water and was applied onto the beach waiting for the executioner from Gävle would bury Marten.
Exactly where the remains of the body is today we do not know, but he died like a freedom fighter who sacrificed his life, he is worthy of a memorial.


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