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Already in 1756 discovered the dean Tideman the healthiest sources. They were three in number, and named Ytterå health spa. Tideman brought friends and family there. The Jämtland sociteten soon followed. At the end of the 1700s there were thus a simpler well institution.

More generally began springs visited in the 1860s, then a bathhouse was built. When the railway arrived in 1882 took the spa tourism real momentum. To travel from Stockholm then took about 25 hours, with overnight stops in Bollnäs.
1886 founded Ytterå Brunn and public bathing. It was access to swimming in different forms, physical therapy, massage and electrical treatment. Doctors from Stockholm was also in place.
Ytterån had during this time five hotels and on an island in the Great Lake was restaurant, bowling alley and dance hall. The spa gardens could play pool. It was during this time that Mouse Olle built his museum and spa guests were frequent visitors. Mouse Olle established contact already at the train station where he often stood at the train arrival.


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